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Board Meeting Agenda

Board of Directors Meeting

April 13, 2023, at 6:30PM

Water Brook Bible Fellowship Church

Youth Room Building 200

507 Thomas St, Wylie TX 75098

I Call to Order/Establish Quorum

II Homeowner Open Forum - Agenda Topics

III Review Meeting Minutes from January 19, 2023

IV Review HOA Financial Records from February 2023

V Interim Board Decisions

a. Irrigation Repairs - Cleanscapes

b. Pool Pressure Washing Project - Wren Pressure Washing

c. Valley Stream Pool Electrical Repairs

d. Operating Funds Transfer

VI New Business

a. Introduction of Smartwebs ACC/Compliance Software Platform

b. Pond Fishing Dock Repair Proposal Review

c. Retaining Wall Repair Proposal Review (Rose Finch cul de sac)

d. Pet Waste Service Proposal Review

VII Homeowner Forum – Non-Agenda Topics

VIII Adjourn to Executive Session

a. Review Delinquency Report

b. Ratify Interim Collections Decisions

IX Call to Order to Report Executive Session Decisions

X Adjourn Meeting

04-13-2023 Board Meeting Agenda Packet - Homeowner
Download PDF • 289KB

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