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Meet The Candidates

How long have you lived at Bozman Farm Estates? 

Wes Dorsey: 12 years

Mark Hendrickson: 6 years

Bryan Tonn: 9 years

Chris Hodge: 6 years



Why would you like to serve on the Board of Directors?

Wes Dorsey: Over the past 12.5 years, I've witnessed a lot of changes to our wonderful neighborhood and met a lot of people 
whom I call friends. I believe there is something about this neighborhood that you can't find anywhere else .
It is for that reason, I want to serve on the Board to help strengthen what it truly means to be neighbors. 

Mark Hendrikson: I know I bring the skill, knowledge, and experience to the table that will help our community thrive. I am interested in maintaining not only our property values, but also fostering a sense of community. 

Bryan Tonn: I want to be the force that causes change in our neighborhood as it grows, and its needs change. I want to partner with our current board to ensure the needs of our community are met both short term and long term.

Chris Hodge: Simply use my HOA experience and keep appearance to the necessary standards to keep and improve our home value an community safety. 

What experience or qualifications would you like to share?

Wes Dorsey: 20+ years managing multi million dollar businesses for a Fortune 500 company. 12+ years as a successful
business owner here in Wylie. I hold a Master's of Business Administration with a Finance Concentration from 
Southern Methodist University. 

Mark Hendrickson: I served 4 years as a city councilman, 2 of which I was also Vice Mayor. I am an attorney and as such have experience with legal matters and nterpersonal communication. I am a people person and have the ability to relate and speak to all manner of persons, whether it be to grow relationships or to have necessary conversations with people who are less than civil.

Bryan Tonn:  I've served on the Advisory committee for Bozman for over 5 years -brining new ideas and helping to implement change. Being a Sr Engineering Manager at work, I understand/manage budgets and how to solve problems. I have relationships through our neighborhood in all areas and many demographics. I am a father of 4 and understand our communities needs.

Chris Hodge: Worked with large HOA management companies in DFW and served on other HOA boards for 24 years. 

What are your goals for the Association? 

Wes Dorsey: To ensure the HOA is fiscally responsible. I would like to see some vital committees formed to allow the HOA to operate more efficiently. Improve our neighborhood by doing the right things. 

Mark Hendrickson: Clean streets. Maintaining a community that is based in mutual respect and care for our neighbors, including their well being and property values. Finding a strong balance between keeping hoa fees low while also providing the necessary functions of community management.

Bryan Tonn: To meet the current needs of the community, while planning
for the long term. To change the stigma that the HOA is just here to "rule over you", to helping the community row in a sustainable manner. To provide transparency to the members and to garner support for the HOA, and empower others to get involved. 

Chris HodgeImprove aesthetics, organization of community involvement, offer my skills of 20 years in the industry. 

Please include any other information about your candidacy for the Board of Directors.bout your candidacy for the Board of Directors.

Wes Dorsey: I  love Bozman Farms!

Mark Hendrickson: I am available at your leisure to discuss any other issues you would like to address with me. 

Bryan Tonn: My experience allows me to effectively communicate with many types of people, to hear their input, and weight against the needs of a larger group. I don't accept "it's always been that way" as an answer, and want to make sure things are the way they are for a purpose. 

Chris Hodge: Own DFW-based landscape maintenance and exterior construction company. 

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