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Resolving Conflict With Your Neighbors

Updated: May 30, 2019

We've all been there. The dog that barks all night, the car parked in front of a mailbox, the overflowing trash can. Living in close proximity to other people often leads to conflict and that conflict, if mishandled, can lead to an all-out neighborhood war. In this blog series, we'll talk about some ways to resolve and prevent conflicts with your neighbors.

First in the series - how to start that conversation with your neighbor.

Assume the Best

Approach any conflict as if your neighbor is completely unaware that there is a problem and will be eager to resolve it once it has been brought to their attention. This mindset will show in the way you communicate with your neighbor - and it's probably true!

Focus on the Goal

Whether your goal is a repaired fence, a quiet evening, or no more pet waste in your yard, keep the focus on that. Don't get sidetracked by past, unrelated incidents, laying blame, or arguing over semantics.

Sleep On It

Wait at least 24 hours after an incident before bringing it up with your neighbors. You'll be less likely to lose your temper and say things you regret.

Pick Your Battles

Creating an enemy next door can seriously affect your happiness and even your home's value. If the conflict in question is a one-time incident or unlikely to happen again, it may be in your best interests to let it go.

Next Up In the Series - The Receiving End: What to do when your neighbor comes to you with a concern.

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