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HOA Glossary

HOAs have a vocabulary all their own. Here are some words you'll see and hear used in reference to your community, and what they mean.

Declarant: The person or entity that creates the original governing documents for the association. The Declarant is usually the developer of the project.

Board of Directors: The governing body responsible for management and oversight of the association.

Governing Documents: The set of documents that establish the existence of the HOA and outline its authority, policies, and internal affairs.

Bylaws: One of the governing documents. Bylaws outline how the association is to be run; quorum for meetings, manner of elections, number and roles of officers.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs): One of the governing documents. CC&Rs establish the association's authority to levy assessments, the deed restrictions (rules) of the development, the powers and duties of the board.

Assessments: The fee levied by the Association against each homeowner for the purpose of funding the Association.

Common Areas: Property owned by the Association.

Architectural Control Committee/Architectural Review Committee (ACC/ARC): A committee that reviews modification requests submitted by homeowners.

Modification Request/ACC Request: An application to modify a lot or structures on a lot.

Transition: The process of transferring control of an Association from the Declarant to the homeowners of a subdivision.

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